Fair Use Disclaimer

The Writingvip platform connects American writers with Chinese students from around the world for many document preparations services. All services must be used in accordance with applicable laws. Our fair use policy outlines how our website should be used and offers guidance on avoiding misuse.
Hephaestus Education Inc., a California Corporation, provides an online platform where the company connects consumers with freelance writers for sample writing, editing and business writing services. By using our platform, you are subject to our fair use policies in addition to our terms and conditions of use. The purpose of our fair use policy is to provide clear guidelines for using our platform appropriately. The sections contained describe areas where we outline formal rules of conduct.
Order revisions
The company is pleased to offer a general revision policy for orders that require modification after the final version has been delivered by the writer. The goal of this policy is to correct any errors the writer may have made during the completion of the original order. Moreover, it’s intended to provide reasonable modifications, in good-faith, where the company met the original instructions but the customer required additional changes out of the scope of the order. For the latter case, the company defines fair use as the reasonable allocation of additional resources in order to meet the customer’s desired goals. While the company will make a strong effort to fix any outstanding issues or problems, the company reserves the right to limit the allocation of such resources at its discretion.
Site defects
The company’s online platform, like any system, is not perfect and is thus subject to defects (bugs). In the event that a defect exists, we ask customers to promptly report it by sending an email to support@aiwain.com Depending on the severity of the defect, the company may award monetary compensation for discovery. This determination will be made by the company at its sole discretion.
Sample writing
The company encourages and mandates fair and proper use of custom sample writing services. We do not condone plagiarism, copyright infringement or any form of academic dishonesty. All provided sample services should be used only for reference and aid. Sample writing services such as essays, research papers, dissertations and theses are intended to serve informational and guidance purposes only, and should be cited properly upon use in order to avoid instances of plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty. When citing our work, please make sure to reference our web site using the appropriate style guide and format. Below is an example using MLA style: Hephaestus Education Inc. Title of Work. 3 March 2016.
For other style types, please reference our citation style help section. There, we provide guidance, samples and even downloadable templates that are free for personal use. Our sample services are intended to provide model or sample documents which customers can use for additional aid. Care should be taken when considering the impact of using your writer’s work as your own in an academic context. For example, professions like medicine and engineering deal with applications of knowledge that directly impact people and their lives. In that case, misuse of the writer’s work may directly result in consequences towards real world applications of course material. Finally, writing is an essential skill that is needed in our every-day lives. Misusing our services may result in lackluster development of core writing skills that are integral to one’s professional development and career. Please make sure to use our services responsibly.
Blog post sample usage
The company works extremely hard to provide free sample work in the form of blog posts. When citing individual blog posts, make sure to include individual authorship as well as the blog title.


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